Meet Our Team

Based in the islands of Hawaii, our team of experts has provided IT support for the locals for over 20 years. Now we’re extending that support to the ninth island—Las Vegas. With engineers certified in Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and more, our experts bring extensive professional and personal experience to the Intech team. But, don’t take our word for it, learn more about our team below:

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Paul Ventura

Owner/Managing Director

Paul began his management career with Hyatt Hotels. After spending several years as a department head, Paul joined the Intech team as VP in 1998. Since then, he’s been helping local businesses achieve their goals through technology. With a passion for getting to know clients and their unique problems, Paul's dedicated to providing stress-free solutions.
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Sam Gridley


Sam began programming his first personal computer in 1981. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a college major—and now a career. Working as an IT Director for Hyatt Hotels, Sam was involved in building one of the first IP WANs between the 5 Hyatt hotels in Hawaii. He left the hospitality industry to start Intech and has been providing clients with reliable IT services for over 20 years. He’s proud to not only serve Intech customers, but to get to know them personally and develop strong business relationships.
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Branden Baker


With an extensive background in IT, including working with resellers and VARs, Branden eventually took his technology journey to Hyatt Resorts as Regional Director of IT. Branden happily joined the dedicated and innovative team at Intech and has been growing with the company ever since. His personal philosophy of “service with aloha” drives his attitude for providing customers with efficient and reliable computer networks.
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Jade Simpson


With a BA in Psychology, Jade focuses on discovering how people think and why it plays a huge role in customer service. In the growing technological world, fewer interactions occur between people, but human interaction is vital to ensuring excellent customer service and gauging customer needs. At Intech, Jade provides excellent customer service by professionally getting to know our customers on a personal level.
Las Vegas IT support

Jeff Bernhardt

Senior Systems Engineer

Jeff learned at an early age that not all technicians are the same. He demonstrates that same idea through his work at Intech. He’s been on the receiving end of bad tech support and now makes it his personal goal to provide our customers with helpful, honest and reliable support.
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Jordan Silva

Director of Operations

Since he was a young boy, Jordan has always been amazed by the limitless capabilities of the Internet. He’s worked with a variety of businesses from non-profits to MSPs, and the constant stream of new technology challenges keeps him focused and inspired. Since joining the Intech team, Jordan enjoys finding solutions for our customers.

Freddy Ludiazo

Director of Sales & Marketing

Freddy loves making life simpler. He recognizes that technology does that for our customers. From leveraging the newest technology to streamlining business, Freddy’s goal is to provide life-altering solutions that keep our customer's best interest in mind.

Amanda Yap

Office Administrator

Without a doubt, technology has shaped nearly every aspect of the way we live and work today. From the way we communicate with one another, to the way we obtain and share information, we are constantly relying on technology to enable our most basic daily activities. I’m most motivated by helping others and working at Intech allows me to do just that. The team approach at Intech helps me grow.

On my spare time I enjoy playing video games and spending time with friends and family.

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Iryna Bezsonna

Business Development Manager

Chris Seavey

Customer Success Manager

Chris began his computer tech career by replacing floppy disk drives. As technology grows and progresses, so has Chris’ experience. Now he frees our customers from the hassle of unruly technology by providing stress-free solutions.
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James Horiuchi

Systems Administrator

An avid gamer, James spent his childhood summers in Japan gaining access to the latest electronics. It was that early passion for technology that led him to Intech. He now uses that same passion to continuously grow and help customers solve their most stressful challenges.
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Brian Aleman

Systems Administrator

Brian has always enjoyed taking electronics apart and making them better. From fixing broken electronics to leveraging your systems, Brian strives to deliver stress-free results. He tunes into our customer’s unique problems and works with the Intech team to implement effective solutions.

Brandon Mindaros

Systems Administrator

My interest in technology began in High School while my friends and I would go to computer café’s. My experience in IT includes being a Senior Help Desk technician for the first MSP I worked at, Desktop Support at Kapiolani Hospital, Network Support Technician at my most recent job. I enjoy helping our customer’s because I enjoy knowing that I can have a positive impact on someone’s day, and I believe good customer service can help the recipient of it switch gears and feel better. I enjoy working at Intech because the people are helpful and want what’s best for their team and their customers. My hobbies include hiking and traveling. I enjoy seeing what the world has to offer.

Derek Luangrath

Systems Administrator

I always knew I wanted to continue my education after my bachelor’s degree and I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to study. Eventually I decided a Masters in IT would be very useful as every business needs it as I was finishing up my degree one of my guests at the restaurant I was working at offered me a job to start me out. I finished my Masters in small school called Endicott College and the program was a total of 12 classes and each class covering a different topic for 6 weeks. One week was Virtualization, the next week would be networking and it worked out well as the company I was working for was just like this, a jack of all trades or a master of none as they like to call it.

Some of these clients I’ve really gotten to know and have almost become friends. I enjoy when they call in, obviously I don’t want them having issues but its nice to hear from them and help them with the problems they are having.

Intech lets you go about doing your work with guidance and steps in when you are going in the wrong direction. Intech has a good staff that can joke around also get work done.

My favorite thing to do is play basketball. I’m a totally different person when I get onto that court that I am sitting behind a desk.

Chris Mack

Systems Administrator

I started in technology at an early age, back before the Internet, when personal computers were a novelty for games and small businesses. From the Timex/Sinclair ZX-81, through Commodore and original Apple computers, to current ``IBM clones``, I've built, serviced and worked with them all. My training is almost entirely experiential, and while I am not currently certified in a particular discipline, I have always worked to mold my career in a direction that enables me to begin officially proving my skills, and earning those certifications. I have always maintained a solid interest in sharing what I know, and in helping others to understand why technology is exciting, and how even the most mundane office challenge can open the door to a broader understanding of how the technology we are watching evolve can improve our lives.Intech is a close-knit group of like-minded people. We're all geeks of one sort or another, and that's a shared thread that makes the job feel less like work, and more like a way of life. It's increasingly rare to find an office environment where people can laugh so often with one another. I am intensely interested in the process of bringing an abstract idea or digital model to physical life. 3D printing is another exciting new technology, and it makes me smile to consider all the various gifts and useful things I could create with a 3D printer that I am planning to build for myself.

Jack Lasley

Systems Administrator

I started in technology because my father owned a communications business and he noticed that I spent way too much time on the computer. He invited me to work under a new IT Administrator he had recently hired.

I worked under two different IT Administrators for the next 10 years in a B2B environment. I learned that communications are a key element in the success of a business. I enjoy working with our customers because I like to make people happy and I do that at work by solving technological problems.

Intech is a fantastic place to work because everyone is so friendly and the tasks are organized yet flexible. In my free time I enjoy paddling, going to the beach and video games.

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Seth Barrett

Senior Systems Administrator

As a veteran, Seth picked up the foundation of his IT knowledge in Iraq where he worked as Radio Operator/Maintainer. Now he uses the skills he learned from the Army and the University of Hawaii to help improve our customer’s ability to perform their daily tasks.
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Michael Lirot

Systems Engineer

Michael’s extensive experience and personal values of honesty, growth, accountability, humor and teamwork brought him to Intech. He trusts that his team holds the same values and it’s these same values that drive him to deliver the best results to our customers.
Las Vegas IT services

Adam Lloyd

Systems Engineer

Since working with his parents 8086 and 386 back in the day, Adam enjoys the challenge of expanding computer capabilities. His motivation to enhance technology and solve customer's problems make him a great asset to the Intech team.

Sean Mckee

Escalation Engineer

Sean has been fixing computers most of his life. From fixing the family computer to fixing the computers of relatives and friends. It’s no wonder that his next step was to lend a helping hand at Intech. Since then, he’s been developing his skills and finding the best solutions for our customers.
Las Vegas IT services

Justin Watanabe

Systems Engineer

Justin understands how daunting it can be to troubleshoot and fix your own computer problems. His desire for helping people solve their technical problems motivates his performance growth. That’s why he’s been helping our customers overcome their toughest challenges since joining the Intech team.
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Cody Schmidt

Systems Engineer

Cody discovered his love for technology in elementary school when he would explore, break, fix and play with everything involving a computer. Working in a variety of industries from resorts to restaurants, he recognizes that helping customers creates happy people. Since joining the Intech team, Cody experiences happy people every time he resolves a customer's toughest challenge.
Vegas IT services

Alex Anderson

Systems Engineer

Alex has been fixing computers since he was 14. He quickly learned back then that fixing problems made people happy. Since working at Intech, he’s been making our customers happy by solving their most difficult challenges.

Curtis Tong

Systems Analyst

Curtis has been working with computers since high school. His team was responsible for rerouting and rewiring the entire school—which won first place at the Magnet E-Academy computer competition. At Intech, he’s been using his award-winning knowledge to help minimize our customer’s frustrations.

Chase Simmons

Service Coordinator

I started in Technology through photography. I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and then had to learn a program called Photo Mechanic that requires text format coding called “Code Replacements” which allow us to create the captions that are seen attached to photos in newspapers, magazines, and media websites for sports and hide them in the Metadata of a .JPG photo. Pretty much all of my technology experience at this point is self-taught but I am currently studying for my first IT Certification (A+). I come from a very retail/customer service oriented background. I’ve been a professional archery technician since I was 14 so that and teaching seminars for Bass Pro Shops during my years there really started my love for educating and solving problems for people. I really enjoy being able to help anyone I can in general so to get to do that every day is quite rewarding for me. I’ve always been the kind of person who really thrives in a good workplace. Many of my closest friends to this day are former co-workers so having coworkers that I appreciate and that appreciate me is a big thing to me personally. Being here at Intech, I couldn’t ask for a better team. I’m totally a self-diagnosed hobby addict so narrowing it down to 1 is REALLY tough haha. The ones that have always seemed to stay with me through my day-to-day though are photojournalism, softball, competitive archery, and skateboarding. I’ll be competing in the World Vegas Indoor Archery Championships in February 2019 so I’m building my setup and preparing for that currently in my spare time.